Resisting Transnational Corporations in China: SACOM’s strategy for working class solidarity

Our friend from Hong Kong is here in Seattle and doing a presentation on Chinese labor this Saturday Jan 24th at Pipsqueak (173 16th Ave). She will also be sharing some of her perspectives and experiences on the recent Umbrella Movement. Come through!


Kwan from SACOM (Students and Scholars Against Corporate Abuse) will be coming to Seattle all the way from Hong Kong! (
Come through to learn about the work she does and she will field your questions :)! She wants to build an alliance with folks here around understanding the Apple supply chain, among other labour issues that result in the current globalisation that hurt us all!

1. introduce SACOM, our history, our goal, our projects
2. our strategy for working in China, why we chose transnational corporations as target to advocate labour movement in China, the strategic role of Hong Kong in China issues
3. the importance of supporting workers in China

Facebook invite here

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