Updates: Deng Xiaoming’s criminal detention confirmed. Number detained in “December 3rd incident” is now four.

Translation by “Solidarity with Chinese Workers” from《邓小明确认被刑拘,“12.3事件”刑拘人数上升至4人》by Labor-Hug (劳工抱抱团), published on Weibo (December 7, 2015). The original is reposted in simplified characters below.

For updates and solidarity actions, follow the Facebook page “Free Chinese labour activists now 馬上釋放中國勞權人士“.

Deng Xiaoming’s criminal detention confirmed. Number detained in “December 3rd incident” is now four.

Labor-Hug Latest news collection (As of 2015 Dec,7 1800)

I. Deng Xiaoming’s (鄧小明) criminal detention has been confirmed. Number detained in the “December 3rd incident” is now four.

2015, Dec 7th. Lawyers have confirmed that Deng Xiaoming, staff of the labor NGO Haige Labor Service Center(海哥劳工服务部) has been criminally detained. As of Dec 7th, four workers of labor NGO in Guangdong province have been criminally detained.
There has not been any knowledge of attempts by the authorities to deliver the arrest warrant to Deng’s family. As of today, his family has yet to receive any official notice.

II. Chen Huihai(陈辉海) is now safe and at home.

On the afternoon of Dec 7th 2015, the director of labor NGO Haige Labor Service Center (originally the Guangdong Laowei Law Firm(广东劳维律师事务所工人培训部)) has publicly announced that he is home safely. He had been detained by the authorities for the past five days.

III. Family and lawyer information gathering meeting

1. Zeng FeiYang(曾飞洋)
In the morning of 2015 Dec 7th, Guangzhou First Detention Center had denied a request by Zeng’s lawyer to meet with his client. Apart from depositing money into his account, the accompanying family members were forbidden from passing Zeng anything else. Zeng is short-sighted but is unable to access his glasses. This will surely make his time in the detention center more difficult.

2. He Xiaobo(何晓波)
In the morning of 2015 Dec 7th, He’s wife went to detention centre in Nanhai District of Foshan City to bring him clothes and deposit money. His lawyer and other family members went along. Unable to complete the visiting paperwork in the morning, his lawyer requested for a visit in the afternoon. His request was denied on the grounds that a prior appointment was not made.

The lawyer states that the detention center’s demand for a ‘prior appointment’ is illegal.

Family members say that He has had a chronic gastrointestinal illness. His current physical condition is unknown due to the request denial.

3. Zhu Xiaomei(朱小梅)
In the morning of Dec 7th 2015, Zhu’s lawyer went to Guangzhou First Detention Center to visit her. The meeting was denied. The detention center stated that any meeting would need the approval of the Public Security Bureau.

According to the law, if a person is charged with ‘gathering to disturb public order’, the defendant’s lawyer is able to meet the defendant without the prior approval of investigating authorities. The detention center administration’s actions violate the law.

4. Deng Xiaoming(鄧小明)
Upon learning of the Guangzhou First Detention Center’s decision to deny Zhu’s visit with her lawyer, Deng’s lawyer proceeded to the Panyu branch of the Public Security Bureau on Dec 7th 2015 to submit both the legal defense paperwork and his plan to visit his client on 9th December.

IV. Confirmation of detained labor NGO staff with unknown whereabouts
Whereabouts of Meng Han(孟晗), staff at labor NGO Panyu Service Department for Peasant Workers(番禺打工族服务部) and Tang Jian(汤建), a former staff of the same organization, continue to be unknown.
We strongly urge the public to follow the developments of this incident and demand the immediate release of the activists Zeng, He, Zhu and Deng!

I have devoted my whole life to socialism. Now, those of you who inherit socialism, will you return a favor by forwarding such news?

Trust me, our mutual support won’t lower the GDP, and passing on these news will not make you a laughing stock of capitalism!


2015-12-07 劳工抱抱团-最新消息汇总(截至2015年12月7日下午18:00)











Resisting Transnational Corporations in China: SACOM’s strategy for working class solidarity

Our friend from Hong Kong is here in Seattle and doing a presentation on Chinese labor this Saturday Jan 24th at Pipsqueak (173 16th Ave). She will also be sharing some of her perspectives and experiences on the recent Umbrella Movement. Come through!


Kwan from SACOM (Students and Scholars Against Corporate Abuse) will be coming to Seattle all the way from Hong Kong! (www.sacom.hk)
Come through to learn about the work she does and she will field your questions :)! She wants to build an alliance with folks here around understanding the Apple supply chain, among other labour issues that result in the current globalisation that hurt us all!

1. introduce SACOM, our history, our goal, our projects
2. our strategy for working in China, why we chose transnational corporations as target to advocate labour movement in China, the strategic role of Hong Kong in China issues
3. the importance of supporting workers in China

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Ghost in the Machine: The Poetry and Brief Life of Foxconn worker Xu Lizhi

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